Industrial marking

We design and supply technologies for industrial marking. Simply, efficiently, customised to your production needs.

We supply equipment for these applications:


Barcode and QR codes

Machine-readable codes for easy processing of information during production.


Batches, expiry dates

Marking of products, parts or cables. Printing on a wide range of materials.


Production monitoring, quality control

Marking for quality control and production efficiency.

To suit your needs

2D Datamatrix cable marking, characters, logos, anti-counterfeiting

Our industrial marking technology

Whatever your production needs, we have the right technology.

Laser marking

Precise and permanent marking, precision cutting and micromachining.

Ink marking

Fast with a choice of desired print colour.

Micro-punch marking

Deep permanent mechanical marking, resists corrosion and surface treatment.

Zebra label printers

Printing and application of labels, interfacing with parent system, code readers

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Industrial marking and its field of application

The industrial marking of products, components or entire production units must be carried out in such a way that it reflects both the need for the durability of the marked information and the subsequent processing of this information by the end user or in the subsequent production process. This means that for the marking of cables, food and pharmaceutical products, beverages, automotive parts and other mass-produced products, it is important to correctly identify the appropriate industrial marking technology so that it is both cost-effective and meets the needs of both legislation and the production process. For example, inkjet technology is suitable for the labelling of yoghurt, where the lifetime of the marking far exceeds the lifetime of the product. Conversely, for chassis parts in a car, laser or micro-strike marking technology will be more suitable, as it can withstand prolonged exposure to the outdoor environment.

Industrial marking can take any form – numbers, letters, logos, machine-readable barcodes, 2D datamatrix codes or the increasingly used QR codes. Today, modern marking technologies have found their way into all manufacturing companies and production areas. The scope of industrial marking is constantly expanding and must adapt to the demands of industry. Thanks to the many years of experience of our staff in the field of marking, projects and service, we are a partner of smaller and larger manufacturing companies who can rely on us completely. If you have or do not have experience with industrial marking, contact us, we will recommend the appropriate technology for your production, mark samples, train you and never let you down.

Marking by laser, ink, micro punch. Technology for every material and application.

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