Datalogic UNIQ Fiber Laser

Compact, powerful, integrated: one of a kind!

vláknový laser Datalogic UniQ
A revolutionary and innovative approach to optical fibre labelling

Datalogic UNIQ Fiber Laser

For the first time on the market, no external driver or power supply is needed, no filament restrictions, no filament length or bend radius restrictions.

Advanced mechanical design and high quality components provide IP54 protection for tough environments and industrial applications.

Easy maintenance and enhanced safety features keep overall operating and installation costs lower than any other laser marking system.

Easy to operate

The UniQ laser marker works seamlessly with the Datalogic Lighter Suite, providing a user-friendly and powerful interface and complete software tools, and is fully compatible with other DLA laser control interfaces.


Built-in SLO (Safe Laser Off) system for quick and easy integration into an EN13849-1 compliant installation