NONSTOP service

We are here for you whenever you need us.

We're here for you whenever you need us


Instant help via remote machine control


Maintenance and repair


Phone or email assistance

24/7 service

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here for you 24/7

NONSTOP service

How Techmen service works

Techmen mission

increase your production efficiency

Techmen rapid deployment

That is what our customers value most.
That’s why we are here for you NONSTOP.

  • the years of experience of our professional technicians are at your disposal
  • prices for operating services are predetermined
  • overall repairs cost less – we are an independent service
  • we are innovative and come up with solutions on the spot
  • we treat each client individually

What we can handle remotely

  • phone assistance
  • remote machine control
    • KGK
    • KBA-Metronic®
    • Tykma Electrox®,
    • Datalogic®
    • Tiflex®
    • Macsa®
    • Videojet®
    • Interlume®
    • Himson® & other