EOX CO2 lasers

Precise and fast industrial marking and cutting

For laser coding, marking, cutting and engraving

EOX CO2 lasers

EOX CO2 laser offers high quality permanent marking for a wide range of materials including cardboard, glass, ceramics, wood, plastics and painted or anodised metal. The lasers are suitable for precise and fast industrial marking and cutting thanks to their excellent laser beam quality and advanced control unit.

2 performance series

EOX CO2 lasers are available in 2 power ranges, 10W and 30W, with the same laser head design but with a different mechanical configuration. The 10W version is offered in ALL-IN-ONE form with very compact dimensions. The 30W uses the same compact laser head complemented by a control unit with integrated PC and power supply.

Device application:

The 10W and 30W versions allow axis control and encoder connection for Marking On the Fly. The innovative Marking On the Fly control ensures complete synchronisation between the laser and the variable product movement in the production line. Perfect marking is possible even at production line speeds of up to 75 m/min and 12,000 pcs/hr. The laser product marking system is very efficient due to low maintenance costs and zero consumable costs. With a large marking area of 140×140 mm, the EOX laser meets the requirements for marking flexibility. The EOX series provides reliable, safe and clean technology with a fast return on initial investment and minimal maintenance.