Custom marking

Custom-made marking of products, components, etc.

How we mark on demand


One product

custom marking of single pieces


Thousands of units

industrial marking of products, parts, components


We select technology

tailored to your needs

You know the price up front

effective cost control

It’s easy. We select the best marking technology at a predetermined price. It’s part of our everyday business.

Our experts will propose a solution to suit your needs. We can meet very demanding requirements for custom part marking using the best technology.

We can mark a single product or thousands of pieces. There is no batch too big or too small for us. We can work with rotary applications.

For custom marking we use:

  • CO2 lasers
  • Fiber lasers
  • Micro-beam marking
  • Inkjet marking with non-contact printers with CI technology

We mark anything you need

with the right technology