Increase production efficiency

Let us design, build, revive and service equipment for your production:

Industrial marking

Automation and production monitoring

Fume extraction

We save you money with innovative solutions for more efficient production

We design, build, revive and service equipment for:


Industrial marking

Marking of products, parts and components with customed technology. Laser marking, Inkjet, micro punch and more.


Automation and production monitoring

For maximum productivity in your production.


Fume extraction

Safe smoke and dust extraction systems protect your machines and the health of your workers.


Vibrating conveyors

The conveyors reliably complement oriented parts for subsequent assembly.


We’ll never let you down. Our first class service is available to our clients 24/7.
Phone or e-mail helpline, remote machine control or service visits.

Techmen - průmyslové značení, automatizace, sledování výroby

We design equipment to suit your production

Innovative solutions, excellent service.

Free consultation

We will be happy to hear and consult your requirements how to increase your production efficiency.

Custom software

Not machines only. We will equip you with customized software for easy handling.

Printing material

Inks, thinners, for perfect inkjet printing.

Design of the solution

A complete solution tailored to your needs.

Implementation & training

We will deliver the technology to production and train your workers.

Nonstop service

First class 24/7 service.

Techmen mission

increase your production efficiency

Results of our work

We save our clients’ money by increasing their production productivity. What specific results do we achieve?


This is a significant technological shift for us and our customers. We can show them what modern technologies we use in our production. The robot will make our production more efficient. The advantage is that if a worker prepares a stock of material for the robot, he can then leave and do other work.
CHARVÁT Group s.r.o.
Bended Pipes Production Manager
Průmyslové značení a traceabilita - realizace ve výrobě

Marking and traceability

The station is connected to a quality monitoring system. Thanks to this solution, we can be sure that every part that goes out to the customer is 100%. The laser marking carries unique information that the station then sends to the traceability system.
KSR Industrial s.r.o.
Project Manager

Single-purpose machines

Our goal was to automate the manual assembly of connectors. Thanks to an automatic connector pressing machine with a vibrating tray, we saved workers who could be transferred to more interesting work.
Production Technologist

Our team

We design a complete solution for your production needs.

Richard Nedoma CEO / Obchod

Richard Nedoma


Tomáš Prokš Projektový Manažer

Tomáš Prokš

Project Manager

Maroš Leško Konstruktér

Maroš Leško

Design Engineer

Martin Škápík

Electrician / Service Technician

Gabriela Nedomová HR / Provozní Manažer

Gabriela Nedomová

HR / Operations Manager

Combined - over 50 years of experience in production optimization

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