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Our experts team up to increase efficiency of your production.

Techmen - průmyslové značení, automatizace, sledování výroby

Our mission

We are a team of Techmen and we enjoy finding solutions to simplify production.

We are a team of experienced engineers, technicians and enthusiasts. And we know that the easier and more reliable the individual steps in production are, the higher not only the efficiency of the work, but also the motivation of the workers.

We are always motivated to see progress in our customer’s production process, we are delighted when a worker using our solution has a smile on his face or can move to a more interesting job thanks to industrial automation.

We are fully at your disposal for industrial automation, robotics, product marking, production monitoring and related services.

Techmen mission

increase your production efficiency

Our team

We design complex solutions for your production needs.

Richard Nedoma CEO / Obchod

Richard Nedoma


Tomáš Prokš Projektový Manažer

Tomáš Prokš

Project Manager

Maroš Leško Konstruktér

Maroš Leško

Design Engineer

Martin Škápík

Electrician / Service Technician

Gabriela Nedomová HR / Provozní Manažer

Gabriela Nedomová

HR / Operations Manager

Combined - over 50 years of experience in production optimization

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