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High quality inkjet printers for industrial marking.

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KGK printers

We specialize in high quality Japanese KGK inkjet printers.


Customed to your production

We will design and deliver a tailor-made solution for your production, including training and supply of consumables.


Machine rental

Rent KGK inkjet printers only for the time you need - days, months or years.

Custom marking

Marking technology tailored to your needs at a predetermined price. Mark anything, be it one or thousand pieces.

KGK - perfect inkjet printing thanks to Japanese technology

KGK are low maintanance inkjet printers. The precision and reliability of Japanese technology are renowned worldwide. And KGK printers are no exception!

Inkoustová průmyslová tiskárna KGK 3000L
Inkoustová průmyslová tiskárna KGK 3100

Advantages of KGK inkjet industrial marking

Perfect and fast printing of even the smallest characters

Perfect print quality is ensured by the innovative print head design. It achieves great results even in case of:

  • high speeds
  • multi-line printing
  • characters smaller than 1 mm

Thanks to the viscosity control system and printhead heating, there is no need to adjust the viscosity of the inks even when ambient temperatures fluctuate.

Easy operation and minimum maintenance

  • KGK printers are easy to operate thanks to the colour touch screen and special software.

  • They excel in print stability thanks to unique fluorine nozzles.
    they have minimal maintenance requirements – the automatic ink circuit closure system prevents contamination.

  • Operating and maintaining KGK inkjet printers is a breeze!

Great connectivity and remote control

  • connectivity to the company network – via Ethernet, WiFi or GSM module.
  • system – one printer can control up to 16 other printers.
  • production monitoring – the printers are supplied with software for creating reports and settings in the PC, for monitoring the current status of printers on the lines and for production control.

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Toshiyuki Kamanaka


Kishu Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd. – innovative Japanese manufacturer of industrial printers

Pioneer in inkjet printing

KGK obtained its first patent for marking technology in the 1960s. It continues to be an innovative manufacturer with its own research and development.

All for quality printing

KGK started as a specialist manufacturer of roll-to-roll printers and today is a comprehensive manufacturer and supplier of industrial inkjet printers and accessories.

Desire for a better result

KGK was founded by founder Toshiyuki Kamanaka's desire to do things differently. After 12 years at the Kao Corporation factory, where he was responsible for packaging machines and equipment, he founded his own company in 1968, where he applied innovative practices.

Global presence

KGK is headquartered in Wakayama, Japan, with more than 300 offices worldwide.

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