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We supply quality lasers for industrial marking in production.

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Laser safety

We provide complete workplace security according to the standard for laser safety ČSN EN 60825-1 including training.

What is a laser?

L A S E R = Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

The first working laser was introduced to the world on May 16, 1960. Since then, it has undergone tremendous development and has moved from the desk of scientists to everyday practice, helping in a wide variety of fields.

The laser emits coherent light (same direction, same wavelength). A coherent laser beam has two main characteristics:

  • the beam can be emitted over very long distances
  • it can focus intensely to a specific point

These key properties make lasers applicable to a wide variety of materials and virtually all industries. And they offer many advantages.

Advantages of laser marking

Criteria for laser type selection

  • permanent, indelible marking
  • non-contact marking method
  • exceptional precision
  • fit for all types of materials
  • resistance to abrasion, heat, acids
  • perfect quality without damaging the material
  • low operating costs
  • minimum operation and maintenance requirements
  • quiet operation
  • cycle time
  • on the fly- static application
  • message size
  • product material
  • desired effect
  • coating thickness
  • possibility of surface distortion
  • working distance
  • built-in dimensions
  • surrounding environment

Laser safety

Laser marking is classified into different safety classes according to EN 60825-1. According to this standard we provide complete security for your workplace.

If lasers are not equipped with the appropriate enclosure, laser marking technology belongs to safety class 4. Laser equipment of class 4 may only be operated under strict safety measures (safety glass, shielding, safety glasses, window fillings, locking of entrance doors, light banner in front of the door, notification of the operation of a class 4 laser to the relevant health station, classification of the workplace in the relevant category, etc.).

Marking lasers that are completely covered so that potentially hazardous radiation is not accessible during use (encapsulated lasers) are Class 1 or Class 2 (if the red LED is visible).

Our laser marking technology

Whatever your production needs, we have the right technology.

Datalogic UNIQ fibre laser
Pevnolátkový laser Datalogic VLASE
Datalogic VLASE solid-state laser
Datalogic AREX fibre laser
CO2 laser Datalogic EOX 10w
CO2 laser Datalogic EOX 10w

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