Industrial automation and robotization

We supply equipment for increased efficiency of your production.
Assembly and robotic workplaces, single-purpose machines and production lines.

We supply machines and software for production automation


Design & realization

We will design, produce and implement the equipment according to your needs.


Independent workplaces

Simple assembly workstations, single-purpose machines and stations.


Complex workplace

Fully automated production and robotic lines. Stand-alone or connected to an existing production system.

Refurbishment and modernization

We give a second life to existing facilities by modernising and optimising them.

Why automate in production

Industrial automation increases productivity, which is linked to optimising the use of your workforce. While it comes with high upfront costs, it saves monthly costs for workers where a computer or robot can replace them and you can transfer the freed-up workers to higher value-added jobs.

Adding automated data collection allows you to collect key production information, increase data accuracy and reduce information collection costs. This will give you the basis for making the right decisions to improve your processes such as reducing material consumption, scrap rates, improving machine maintenance, ideal employee utilization and more. Industrial automation and robotics in manufacturing reduces human error rates.

Industrial automation technology

For maximum efficiency in your production

Jednoúčelový stroj - realizace Frankische

Single-purpose machines

The main advantages of these solutions are their relatively low acquisition costs and high efficiency.

They focus on operations on a specific component or kit in order to perform these operations in the shortest possible time and with the best quality.

Single-purpose machines can be independent or combined into production lines. They can be fully automatic or work in cooperation with operators.

We design, manufacture and supply single-purpose machines and equipment for specialized production and inspection operations.

Robotizace - realizace pro Charvat


The main advantage of robotics is flexibility. Compared to single-purpose machines, robotic workstations can be easily adapted to a new type of production.

Integrating a robotic solution will make your production more productive, minimize errors, reduce personnel costs and eliminate routine operations.

If you are considering automating part of your production line, we can help you select the right robot for your application.

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Machine vision

For in-process inspection – material, object recognition, pattern recognition, electronic component analysis, product quality control, robot and laser guidance and many other applications.

From reading barcodes and 2D codes (datamatrix, QR code), checking the presence of parts, correct product assembly and quality control to robot guidance, we can design a tailor-made solution for you.

We will program, connect to the information system, create a database of OK and NOK pieces and integrate into the existing production line.

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